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Secure Board Management

Secure board management lets you centrally store and distribute important meeting materials without putting your personal information at risk contained in these documents by non-secure channels such as email. Executives and board members can access all their meeting materials via a specific portal, without having to worry about security concerns when sharing through email or other paper documents.

Board portals can be a valuable tool to increase efficiencies and collaboration in the boardroom. However, not all technologies are created equally and it’s crucial for directors of boards who have different expertise in technology to choose the best solution for them. The best choice is technology that was designed using the advice of real board members and not over-engineered with features that are not often employed.

Dedicated board software offers a secure and user-friendly environment for collaboration on documents. You can ensure your data is safe by securing the platform with leading encryption and supporting security tools. Look for a board portal that has flexibility in permission settings and an incredibly detailed level of folder and file access control. With built-in advanced cyber protection and file versioning, files are automatically stored when changes are made, making it easy to restore files or folders in the event of accidental changes.

Simple mobile apps let you work offline or online. The most important documents are just a click away and everything you do syncs in real-time. You can share notes and ideas in real-time with selected individuals or keep them confidential using the powerful annotation tools. Keep a record of your time before and after meetings as well as during. You can also track action items on a central dashboard.


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